We’re your digital-first branding and product design firm

We pioneer design as a transformational force

Our unified, cross-functional approach intersects design’s specialisms to unite brand, product and content. It is a unique way of working, opening up unrivalled visibility across all your fields of operation. It will enable you to maximise the power of design in the digital-first, customer centric age.

In a customer-centric world, experience is everything

Engaging and retaining customers is competitive. “Experience is everything” to them. They don’t think about the nuances of brand, service or product. They only recall how they experience your business, and the value they derive from an interaction.

We help you put people first, so they connect better with your brands, get more from your products, and enjoy the experience your services provide.

Our approach quickly surfaces challenges and opportunities

We created and use the Playback Method, our homemade lean and agile methodology. At its core, this innovative technique is holistic, collaborative and purpose-driven. It’s applied to every piece of research and definition — via key lenses of business, customer and market. We record our journey’s story in real time, then iteratively “play it back” over time to reveal solutions and opportunities.

As we work, we explore the fields you operate within; what your customers want and expect; and the underlying trends moving your market. With each playback, the story grows, illustrating ideas early on, helping to zero-in on solutions that create value, and providing the time to pivot.

We are multidisciplinary thinkers, designers and creators

Playfields was founded by Zohar Manor-Abel and Mark Jackel, two experienced versatile creatives with a shared vision to unite brand, service and product within a smart, hybrid consultancy model. Our team members come from many cultural backgrounds, and we always recruit multidisciplinary mindsets suited to our multidimensional world.

When engaging with Playfields, the leadership team are directly involved in the day-to-day work. Our clients benefit from our uniquely inclusive and open way of working called the Playback Method. It’s collaborative, lean and iterative methods quickly open up opportunities and uncover challenges.

A specially selected team handles every project to ensure we deploy our diverse skills efficiently.