We are designers and creators obsessed with storytelling and communication

We help our clients to engage and connect with their audiences more effectively by delivering digital-first brands, motion design, storytelling websites and digital products. We define, design, craft, make and code. No matter the ask, we put you and your audiences needs at the centre of today’s digital landscape.

In a customer-centric world, experience is everything

Engaging and retaining customers is competitive in today’s noisy world. Your audiences don’t think about the spotlights of brand, service or product. They only recall how they experience, understand and remember your story and services.

Our process quickly surfaces opportunities and challenges

We created and use the Playback Method, our homemade lean and agile methodology. At its core, this innovative technique is holistic, collaborative and purpose-driven. It’s applied to research, ideation and definition — via the key lenses of organisation, customer and market. We record the journey’s exploration story in real time, iteratively “playing it back” over time to reveal solutions and opportunities.

As we work, we explore the fields you operate within; what your customers want and expect; and the underlying trends moving your market. With each playback, the story grows, illustrating ideas early on, helping to zero-in on solutions and effective ideas.

We are multidisciplinary thinkers, designers and creators

When engaging with Playfields, the leadership team are directly involved in the day-to-day work. A specially selected lean team handles every project to ensure we deploy our diverse skills efficiently. Our team members come from many cultural backgrounds, and we always recruit multidisciplinary mindsets suited to our multidimensional world.